We believe in service before and after sales,Customer satisfaction is our business back bone. We take our customer as the best judge because they are the one who are driving us ahead. Customers always show us the right picture of our product performance. We always try to give better than what our customer expects from us. We always ask our customers how we can serve them the best.

We accept bulk order and complete scooter restoration projects by supplying complete spare parts solutions.
We solicit queries from all interested buyers, importers, traders, dealers & direct Consumers

Products Range

Fulfilling our Customer’s needs for the best Quality products, we deliver our products according to their requirements. We offer a wide range of products that are available in various specification and sizes. The main parts which we are manufacturing and supplying are all types of two wheelers as Ball Racers sets, Speedo Meter Pinions, Kick Shaft, Gears, Clutch parts, Clutch Assemblies, Gear Starters, Kick Levers, Brake Drums, Brake Shoe, Front Forks, Front fork assemblies, Axles, Scooter Hardware & Scooter Hardware Kit etc. are being appreciated by customers for quality parts and fast shipping service across the globe.

Product Categories:

1. Clutch & Spares.
2. Gears & Gear Box Kits.
3. Front Fork Assemblies.
4. Rubber Products.
5. Oil seals & O Rings.
6. Carburetor & Spares.
7. Electrical Products.
8. Stator & Flywheels.

9. Handle Assemblies.
10. Control Cables & Inners.
11. Bearings & Bearing Kits.
12. Head Lamps.
13. Tail Lamps.
14. Speedometers.
15. Blinkers & Bulbs.
16. Engine Gaskets.

17. Badge & Emblems
18. Locks.
19. Hardware Kits.
20. Plastic Parts.
21. Painted Parts.
22. Cowls
23. Front Fenders
24. Switch & Ignition

25. Suspension Dampers.
26. Clutch & Brake Levers.
27. Rims & Tyres.
28. Cylinder Pistons Kits.
29. Starter Levers.
30. Chrome Parts.
31. Scooter Frame.
32. Front Glove Box.

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